The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap

If you watched The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Sunday night then you know there were lots of surprises.  So all the girls get ready to head to Jamaica with the exception of Kandi because she is too far in her pregnancy to travel. Cynthia talks with Peter and tells him she is going to let Kim do her commercial.  Cynthia hasn't broke the news toThe Twirler (Kenya). Everyone arrives in Jamaica...Kim Shows up with her husband, the kids and A Nanny in tow since she doesn't believe in leaving the country without her children. All the girls feel some kind of way because it's supposed to be a couples trip.  Sheree Whitfield shows up with Her Ex husband Bob Whitfield. Remember the last time we saw them in a scene together he was sticking his tongue out at her after leaving court. Kenya shows up with Matt.  

 Later on that evening Cynthia meets up with Kim and Kenya. Cynthia breaks the news to Kenya that she is going to go with Kim's idea for the commercial. Kenya gets in her feelings and starts acting childish and ranting and insulting Kim Fields and takes it a step further by getting in Kim's personal space and pulling her chair out while she is sitting in it.  Kim exhibits great restraint and leaves.  Everyone meets up for dinner and Surprise! Nene and Greg show up too and everyone is shocked. Nene is shocked to see Bob there with Sheree.  Kenya gets in her feelings again when the subject of the commercial comes up and decides to leave the dinner table.  Phaedra explains to Chris (Kim's husband) that Kenya and Cynthia are BFF's. Nene says, "no they're not!" Then Sheree and Porsha say yes they are. Cynthia clears everything up and says that she and Kenya are just getting to know each and you don't just wake up and become best friends overnight. Nene goes on to say, "Kenya was a solid replacement but she's not me, she's not me girl, no. Even though we were divorced she was still waiting for me like Greg."

 So the next day everyone is getting ready to go to Kingston but not before Peter surprises Cynthia when he has her sister Mallory show up for the Festivities.  Cynthia brings Mallory up to speed and let's her know about Nene.  Mallory is surprised at the news.  The snitch (Sheree) stops by Kenya's room to inform her that Cynthia said they aren't best friends. Kenya goes to confront Cynthia and Cynthia basically dismisses her.  
I will be tuned in next week!