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Marleen singing Sweetest Thing by Lauren Hill

My daughter asked me to do a singing video. I cover Sweetest thing by Lauryn Hill. The song is on the Love Jones soundtrack. I am also playing the keyboard in this video.

Joy Mangano - Memory Cloud Pillows

This is a review of Joy Mangano's Memory Cloud Pillows. I purchased them a couple of weeks ago for $39.95. The were featured as the special and it was B1G1 free. The Pillows normally retail for $129.99 a piece. These are the most comfortable pillows I have ever laid on and it was well worth the money spent. Most of Joy's products are sold exclusively on HSN.


Solange Knowles spotted at LAX

Solange Knowles was spotted at LAX yesterday. I have always thought she was a beautiful woman. I love her hair but I am not feeling this outfit.  I love her shoes they are gorgeous.


Whitney Houston - Lifetime Movie Review

I finally watched the Whitney Houston Movie. I was a little disappointed but there were some things that I did appreciate about the movie.  I was disappointed because the Biopic focused mostly on her relationship with Bobby Brown. It was no surprise that they had an unstable relationship, we knew about the drug abuse.   We knew about Bobby's children he had prior to marrying Whitney.  I was just looking to see her as the person I met back in 1999.  She was very sweet and down to earth.  Have you ever met someone and had a conversation with them and it seems like you have known each other for years?  Well that's how Whitney was when I had a chance encounter with her, I talked to her for about five minutes and she was sweet, warm and inviting.   Bobby was not, he was rude and he didn't speak.  Maybe he was having a bad day.

Yaya Dacosta may have had Whitney down to a science as far the look but the acting was over dramatic and it was just down right terrible.  Whitney never spoke with a high pitched annoying voice.  Hearing Yaya speak was annoying. 

Arlen Escarpata did an ok job portraying Bobby Brown. I enjoyed watching him perform as Bobby Brown, the dance moves were on point.  His acting was more convincing than Yaya's.

Deborah Cox did an amazing job covering Whitney's songs.  She hit all the notes perfectly.  I hope to hear some new music from Deborah Cox soon.  There aren't to many people in the music industry that can cover Whitney the way she did.  I was blown away and very happy to hear that Deborah Cox has maintained her beautiful soprano voice that she is known for.


Under Construction?

Under Construction

Last night I was up and I was thinking about the small things in my life.  I was thinking about all the meaningless things that I have been holding onto.  I realized that I have to let go of these things in order to move forward and obtain what I want to get out of life.  Suddenly I realized my life is under construction.  I am being made over. I've been taking time out to work on me lately and I have made some small changes but I saw more things that I want to change.  The great thing is no one told me to do this.  It all started one day when I was going through a personal battle and I felt like I hit rock bottom.  Then I thought to myself this is rock bottom for me so there is no where for me to go from here but up.  It's amazing to me that sometimes you don't really know how strong you are until your back is against the wall and you are forced to fight back.  Since that time I have spent lots of time thinking, praying and rebuilding.  I have so much work to be done but I am confident that I can complete what I set out to do. 

My Dreams

I have a lots of goals and dreams and I realize that if they aren't accomplished it's no one's fault but my own.  I know many people that aren't happy with their life and they play the blame game. They don't take responsibility for their mistakes or short comings  They have goals that haven't been reached, dreams that haven't been made a reality.  I refuse to be that person. I refuse to let small things hold me back from my Big Dreams. I refuse to blame circumstances or anyone else for not getting what I want out of life.  Somebody once to me that if your dream doesnt scare you then you aren't dreaming big enough.  My dream does scare me.  My dream scared me to the point that I ran from it.  Then one day I realized I couldnt run anymore.  I ran because I was afraid of the hard work that it will take to make my dream a reality.  I ran because I was afraid to fail.  I made up in my mind few months ago that I was not running anymore.  I am okay with failure and I take each failure as a win because I know that one day I am going to succeed.  I have faith that everything is going to work out.  I will continue to walk by faith.  


Levi's $10 of $50 Online only

I found a nice deal on Retail Me Not for Levi's. This sale ends January 31, 2015. This deal is online only.

JCPENNEY Sale ends January 11, 2015

JCPenney has a sale going on until January 11, 2015.  Go to for more info and click on coupons. I was able  find two nice winter coats on sale and I paid a total of $117.00.