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Having Fun with Photo Grid

Photo Grid is one of my favorite apps when it comes to editing pictures.  It's available on iTunes and in the Google Play store.


Enrique Iglesias Greatest Hits

I downloaded Enrique Iglesias Greatest hits for free on Google Play Music. I tell you the deals just keep coming on Google play music. It's the free Album of the week.


Why women cheat

Anytime a woman cheats it's almost always because her needs aren't being met emotionally and sometimes it can be sexually.  Most women are emotional creatures.  We like to spend time with our men. We love hugs and kisses and compliments.  We want to feel wanted, we want to feel appreciated and most of all we want to feel loved.  When this doesn't happen it opens the door for a whole new set of problems.  Men if you are messing up with your spouse or your girlfriend we will let you know, we will let you know because we want to give you a fair chance to correct this behavior.  Women who experience this usually become vulnerable especially if they make the mistake of confiding in a male friend. Most men will play on the woman's vulnerability and say all the things that she wants to hear.   These men will tell them that they are beautiful. They will notice their new hair style. They will do everything that their man won't do and before you know it they are having an affair.  At least that's what I've been told.


Ariana Grande My Everything Free on Google Play Music

I just downloaded Ariana Grande's entire Album titled My Everything for Free on Google Play Music! Google Play seems to have way better deals than iTunes.  More free Music and better discounts. 


Calvin Richardson - We Gon' Love Tonite:


Following My Own Advice

I am probably the most positive person I know.  I despise negativity but today I am drowning in it.  I let someone that I care about get the best of me.  Let me give you some insight about me.  I have been independent since the age of 18.  Most of my independence came from me having trust issues.  I felt like I couldn't trust anyone at a young age because I was always being let down or disappointed by my family or a boyfriend or a friend.  So I promised myself a long time ago that I Could only count on myself and that's what I've been doing for a long time now up until just recently.  The truth is that everyone needs someone at some point in their life. It could be professionally, personally, sexually, financially and even emotionally and when those needs aren't met sometimes we get angry depending on the circumstance.  A lot of people count on me and if I can help it, I try not to let anyone down.  I am there for so many people and that's fine because I know that that is my calling.  I have excepted my role as a leader. I am born to lead. Someone once said, "With great power, comes great responsibility." As a woman that has learned to be responsible it is very important that I am leading by example.  Someone hurt me and yes I am not happy about it.  I was let down by someone that I love.  This one let down hasn't changed my way of thinking.  I am still opening up and coming out of my shell day by day.  I am not going sit and let my anger fester. I am going to go workout. I am going to put all my negative energy into a positive cause especially since I have started working out again.  I am practicing what I preach. #marleenmoment