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In the last 6 months I have received two netspend prepaid visa cards in the mail.  The funny thing is that I didn't order these cards.  Why does this company have my name and address? I am almost certain they bought my information from another company.  I looked the card up online and I wondered who on earth would do business with them because they have  ridiculous fees for services that most banks and credit unions offer for free. 

Here is a list of some of the ridiculous fees they charge their customers.

ATM Withdrawals

Domestic ATM Cash Withdrawal
$2.50 per withdrawal, plus ATM owner fees, if any.

International ATM Cash Withdrawal
$4.95 per withdrawal, plus ATM owner fees, if any.

ATM Transaction Decline Fee
$1.00 each

They tell you to avoid ATM Withdrawal charges by using your pin when making a purchase and ask for cash back, but guess what there is a fee for using your pin too.

Purchase Fee's
Signature Purchase Transaction Fee*
$1.00 each

PIN Purchase Transaction Fee*
$2.00 each

To see a complete list of fees click on the link
Who wants to pay $9.95 for replacing a lost or stolen debit card?
I strongly recommend people not to sign up for this card. 


Rays New York Pizza Kennesaw

Today I went to Ray's New York Pizza in Kennesaw, Ga and I ordered the 10 inch pizza and buffalo wings.  I ate some of it but I didn't like it.  My six year old took two bites and after the second bite he said, "Mom this is nasty."  The wings were good and they actually tasted better than the pizza. My son loved the wings too.  The service was good but it was not good enough for me to overlook the awful pizza. I will not be going there again.