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Rays New York Pizza Kennesaw

Today I went to Ray's New York Pizza in Kennesaw, Ga and I ordered the 10 inch pizza and buffalo wings.  I ate some of it but I didn't like it.  My six year old took two bites and after the second bite he said, "Mom this is nasty."  The wings were good and they actually tasted better than the pizza. My son loved the wings too.  The service was good but it was not good enough for me to overlook the awful pizza. I will not be going there again. 


Valentines Day

I don't like Valentines Day at all! I guess I sound like a bitter woman but I'm not. Today my sister Tammy threw a huge Valentines Day party for the kids.  I took my kids and they had a nice time with their cousins and Aunties. My Dad and his new wife showed showed up too.  I haven't been in the mood for family get-togethers lately and I haven't been a people person lately.  I have a lot of chaos in my personal life so I just haven't been dealing with anyone.  I cut out things and people that consider to be distractions.  I have been learning to love myself more and I have made sooo many decisions that some don't and won't ever understand but at the end of the day I can smile and that's all that matters me. I'm selfish and I own that.  I got so used to taking care of everyone else that I forgot to take care of me.  I love taking care of me and I love being selfish and I love being able to take care of myself.  I don't care who doesn't like it.  ♥♥♥


Addicted review

I finally rented and watched Addicted which is based on the book written by Author Zane.  Boris Kodjoe  was a great choice for Jason, Sharon Leal was not a great choice for Zoe. The book was way better.  This could have been a great movie if it had gone into more detail.  Tyson Beckford did a great job.  I guess I am little biased  because I read the book.  I won't be rushing to see Fifty Shades of Grey either because I read all three books and I don't want to be let down.


What happened to Bobbi Kristina Brown?

It has been eight days since Whitney Houston and Bobby Browns daughter was found floating found floating in the bathroom of her home. Different news stations and blogs have reported that she is now in a medically induced coma. It has also been revealed that Bobbi Kristina is not married to Nick Gordon. There have been lots of reports of fights breaking out at the hotel where the Browns are staying. There have been lots of reports of the Houston family and the Brown family arguing at the hospital. What hasn't been reported is what exactly happened to Bobbi Kristina. Something isn't adding up. There have been reports of suspected foul play but nothing concrete. Why won't the media back down and respect the privacy of her family. I am praying for this young lady and hoping that she recovers. She has had to live her entire life hearing all kinds of things about her parents. She grew up right before us and as she grew older the one thing I noticed is that you rarely saw Whitney without her daughter. In spite of everything Whitney Houston went through no one can deny that she loved her daughter and her daughter loved her. This young lady has been through a lot. Losing a parent is a huge ordeal for any one to go through. When Whitney died the media was so disrespectful. We already knew she had a substance abuse problem so why did the world have to be reminded of that when she died? Why couldn't they focus on her talent and the impact her music had on the world? Whitney's music was part of the soundtrack to many lives including some of the people who drug her name through the mud. At the end of the day I think the Houston's and the Browns are entitled to their privacy. I am very disturbed by the lack of respect the media has when it comes to most celebrities. This family needs time to try to sort through this mess. This family has unanswered questions about what happened leading up to moment that Bobbi Kristina was found unresponsive. I think everyone needs to chill. If Bobbi Kristina's family wants to offer information let it be by choice and not because they are feeling pressured by the news media for answers.It's not our business!!!!!!