Thanksgiving Do's and Don'ts

1. Arrive on time. Dinner starts at 4pm so if you arrive at 6pm guess who won't be eating?

2. Don't show up at my house with a doggy bag for Pookie. If Pookie wanted a plate he should have came.

3. Don't ask who made the potato salad.  It's not store bought so it's safe.

4.  Ladies of course we are watching football.  There is no need to ask.

5. I don't want to hear about Black Friday.  I am not going out shopping after I just slaved over this food for days.  I do all my Black Friday events online. It's less stress and safer. Besides I've already gotten most of my Christmas shopping done. Everyone knows the best time to shop is about a month prior to Black Friday.

6. If you have kids please watch them.  Don't unleash them as soon as you step foot in my house.  If I have to talk to your brat more than once that means a mental note has been made that you won't get an invite next year.


Michael Jackson Thriller Free

I just downloaded Michael Jackson's Thriller free on Google Play Music. I already have the CD.  This album is a classic and I'm happy to add it to my Google collection. 


Kenya Moore Shades Chateau Sheree

Watch Kenya come for Sheree in this clip below. Click on the link below.

Kenya Moore Shades Chateau Sheree

Cynthia Confronts Peter About the Infamous Video

click on the link below to see the footage.

Cynthia Confronts Peter About the Infamous Video

Real Housewives Season 8 Trailer

I just might start watching the Housewives again since Sheree is back and Kim Fields will be joining the cast.  Last season I couldn't get past the first 3 episodes. I was very disappointed in the direction the show was going in so I stopped watching.  I am going to miss NeNe Leakes and Kick rocks Claudia Jordan. She was way to messy.

2 Pack of Kindle Fire tablets for 99.95

Yesterday on HSN I purchased a 2 Pack of Kindle Fire 7 inch tablets for just $99.95. I think this a pretty awesome deal. Kindle has made lots of improvements to their tables. The tablet now has a front and rear facing camera and you can expand the memory up to 128GB's with an SD card. The tablet also has bluetooth capibility. Kindle has come a long way and at this price I couldn't resist I purchased 2 of the 2 packs. These will be Christmas gifts.  This a great beginners tablet and I can't wait to see the look on the faces of my family when they get their gifts. I am not the best gift giver when it comes to giving gifts but this year I think will be a little better than last year.  I told a friend about and she called me told me that it was sold out.  I am not surprised this was an amazing offer.